Swimming Lesson #49

My wife went out tonight for a sociable evening of bunco, while I put the girls to bed. I read them three books – Destroyer’s favourite This Book Has No Pictures, something La Serpiente chose that I just can’t remember, and a few scenes from the Terry Shakespeare play in Natbof. Then I tried to persuade them to sleep. Destroyer was adamant that she would stay up and wait for her mother to come home (in about 3 hours) and was readying herself to go and sit on the sofa.

Then all three of us fell asleep, and I woke just before 9, in time to play my 76th game of Blood Bowl in my trophy competition. Another 3-0 drubbing followed. 

I swam today, and there’s not much to say about my freestyle right now. I’m now doing four lengths of freestyle to warm up, so my endurance is improving (although it must be said, there’s still a 20-30 second pause between each length). 

We worked on butterfly today, and I made some progress. Main things to think on:

  • The frequency of the kick needs to be quite high
  • Timing is all important – you need to kick so it pushes you forwards as you’re aiming your hands up to the surface 
  • As you go under, you need to tuck your head down so you go in smoothly. The first time, I didn’t do this and it was the facial equivalent of a belly flop. Not recommended. 
  • To get the flow right, we worked on just diving under the surface from a standing start. Then you try to point your hands upwards and come back up, and repeat. Slowly I’m getting the hang of this, but a mermaid’s tail would really help. 

And so to bed. 

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