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  • Swimming Lesson #54

    For my last ever lesson in Singapore, I prepared by going climbing this afternoon, and then having a gin and tonic. This is not recommended because every time I dipped my head underwater I got a hefty and distracting whiff of juniper. Maybe I should have gone for vodka instead.

  • Swimming Lesson #52

    I had an hour’s lesson today: we started off with four lengths of freestyle, then some dolphin kicks, before going on to the full butterfly stroke, which is incredibly hard. Then again, I used to find freestyle incredibly hard, so there’s always hope.

  • Swimming Lesson #50

    Today was fairly simple: I turned up, watched the youngsters swim lengths in 20 seconds or less, warmed up with 2 slow laps of freestyle (kicking only) then sprinted one length (24 seconds) and then one very slow lap (just under a minute, I think). And then it was on to dolphin kicks. 

  • Swimming Lesson #49

    My wife went out tonight for a sociable evening of bunco, while I put the girls to bed. I read them three books – Destroyer’s favourite This Book Has No Pictures, something La Serpiente chose that I just can’t remember, and a few scenes from the Terry Shakespeare play in Natbof. Then I tried to […]

  • Swimming Lesson #47

    Today we had half an hour, and the first five laps were just working on legs, which was brutal as ever. However, I think the intervening days in the pool have paid off, as I can now kick fast and powerfully, and if I remember to arch my back slightly and point my head down, […]

  • Swimming Lesson #43

    Today I did half an hour of freestyle, wherein I kicked a bit too much and was probably showing how tired I was (up late last night prepping my facial hair for tonight’s party) and then we did some backstroke (which I’m better at than freestyle because it involves lying down, and then some butterfly.

  • Swimming Lesson #29

    Today I spent about an hour in the pool. Half of that was freestyle, and when I was exhausted from that, we went onto backstroke, and then breaststroke. I still don’t have much stamina, but I can now do a length and a half (30 metres) of freestyle before I forget when to breathe and […]

  • Swimming Lesson #24

    Whoops. Once again, I’d been weeks without swimming; a week away in San Francisco, then forgetting to go the week I got back from Perth. To make things harder, I’ve been transferred from a 12 metre pool to a 20 metre pool. While that’s still only 40% of an Olympic pool, the extra 66% vs […]