Swimming Lesson #50

Today was fairly simple: I turned up, watched the youngsters swim lengths in 20 seconds or less, warmed up with 2 slow laps of freestyle (kicking only) then sprinted one length (24 seconds) and then one very slow lap (just under a minute, I think). And then it was on to dolphin kicks. 

This was fairly brutal. It’s hot in Singapore right now and if you’re kicking and kicking underwater and the pool is heated to what feels like blood heat then it gets a bit… uncomfortable. I’ve got the kick roughly figured out (or at least I have tired quads from it, not tired calves) but the arms are a whole different thing.

I think we did about 4 or 6 lengths of that, and then we did four laps without a break: one butterfly, one backstroke, one breaststroke and one freestyle to finish. And finish I most certainly was. 

Normally I’d list all the new things I’ve learned. Tonight I’m just wiped out, so I’ll point out I can do six strokes of freestyle without stopping to breathe, and leave it to you to decide if that’s good or not. 

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