Blood Bowl Blues

I played a lot of Blood Bowl today.

I got up in the morning and took the kids out for pancakes, as arranged with my wife, and then took them to Nylon, where I handed them off to my wife, downed a coffee and then rushed back to the flat, only to find my wife had locked the door and taken the keys with her.  Desperate for the toilet, I had to rush back, get the keys from La Serpiente, who had scooted down to the deliver them, then rush back up, suffer the digestive consequences of strong coffee, and then start my first match of the day.

… which was an absolute disaster.  My dear little team of pathetic goblins got absolutely smashed to pieces.  Legneck Won’t Stop Bouncing, my star pogo stick wielding veteran, had his collar bone smashed and will never play again, and we lost 4-0.  A turn after I’d declared that as long as I only lost 3-0, I’d feel I’d achieved something.

Then I had to go back outside and pretend to be happy while I seethed inwardly.  Ah, the joys of cruel sports.

While my wife went grocery shopping, I took the kids to the Games Workshop shop in Tiong Bahru to feed my addiction, except we got there half an hour before it opened.  La Serpiente was so desperate to get in that she demanded to be allowed to help the proprietor set up, but I figured that was a bad idea and instead took them to the bakery for croissants and babycinnos, and then we bought a cactus.  Finally it was 1pm and we went into the store.  Both children were allowed to try to paint a miniature, and I was pleased to see how well they did.  Apart from when La Serpiente managed to douse herself in brown ink.  Still, she had a fairly steady hand – she soaked most of her face but missed her dress.  Minor miracles.  They were both given the models they had painted for free (free!) which means if I go back there every week for another 6 years, we should have the basis of a viable army.  Instead, I bought a few Plague Marines, as I’d always said I wouldn’t, but they’re getting painted up in Evil Black rather than Space Mumps Green, so there is that.

Then back home.  We missed the bus so I made the girls walk home, in the hope it would wear them out.  Instead, I was exhausted and fell asleep when we got back, and was rudely awakened when it was time to go out to the Esplanade Theatre to see a children’s play about dentistry that was … well, it was a bit much.  I’m glad I wasn’t hungover.

We went home, stuffed food into the children, they didn’t complain too much, and I got them to sleep, although Destroyer was coughing and coughing.  Then I went out to stick together my Plague Marines and play another game of Blood Bowl to wash this morning’s from my mind.
This game I also played very badly, although I couldn’t put my finger on quite why – those are always the most frustrating games, because you learn little, apart from the fact that you’re not very good. 

About 75% of the way through, Destroyer’s coughing woke up La Serpiente and she came out to be comforted.  And then came out again and again, while I was trying to concentrate on smashing somebody’s face in.  Ah, the trials and tribulations.

Finally she went to sleep, I lost my game 2-0, and then I had the chance for one more game, which I lost 1-0, but felt much better about because I smashed nine shades out of the opposition (including one player so scared that he tripped over and died running away from my orcs), which left me feeling I was making some sort of progress.  And on, and on, and on…

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