Early to rise…

After staying up until 1am playing Sleeping Dogs, I had to get up before 7 for a game of Blood Bowl I’d scheduled with a man in New Zealand. It was interesting – my team of inveterate cheating, chainsaw wielding goblins were up against a bunch of enormous ogres and tiny snotlings (smaller, more pathetic goblins) – and he was a much better, much more experienced coach.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t as one-sided a match as I’d expected. The first half was a near-disaster for me as I lost possession of the ball and he ran it in for a touchdown, but I managed to fluke an equaliser in the last turn of the half by giving one goblin the ball and having a troll throw him through the air. I love this game.

The second half was also more exciting than expected, with each of us losing the ball and coming close to clinching a 2-1 score, before I had one final failure of luck and he ran the ball in for the victory. But unlike many drubbings I’ve had, I didn’t feel so bad as I could have won. Or I could have lost 2-0 if my troll had missed his throw, or eaten the goblin by accident.

After that, I took the girls out for pancakes, and then went for a climbing lesson. By now, the cognitive debt induced by playing Blood Bowl and not sleeping enough was kicking in, and there were a lot of problems I just couldn’t do today. I did do one overhang I hadn’t managed before, and I can see my way to another one, but it’s going to take time (and rest) to hit those with any degree of competence. I did have fun throwing myself around in one corner, trying out more dynamic moves on an easy problem though. Have to get that as part of my repertoire..,.

I picked up some groceries, signed up La Serpiente for her next set of climbing classes, and then the girls wanted to paint their miniatures some more, so we did that and then I made La Serpiente cry for half an hour when I wouldn’t let her take all her toys down to the playground. Bad dad. My wife took over again and I had a half hour nap which I think saved my life, and then it was a simple matter to put the kids to bed and then lose another game of Blood Bowl.

That wasn’t really much of a Chinese New Year celebration, was it? I did listen to some more fireworks go off this evening (a day late?) and revelled in the fact that the streets were empty of traffic, but otherwise, it felt like an extra weekend we’d magically received. Back to work tomorrow…

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