Worn out by travel

Despite only going to Bangkok for one day, I felt totally exhausted today. That dead sort of fatigue where you’re swimming through sludge. It was coupled with a caffeine-withdrawal headache, and a very heavy bag to carry to the office. But on the positive side, the kids were fine on the way to school. Destroyer continues to protest that she is going to vomit, but this seems to be only an attempt to malinger her way out of school (and when she’s at school, she’s perfectly happy). I dropped them off and went to work, and surprised myself by being productive.

This evening I put the kids to bed (we all fell asleep after one chapter of an Enid Blyton book about a magic tree) while my wife went climbing. With everyone asleep, I tried spraying my latest set of miniatures with a coat of primer, but my can was almost empty, so I’ve half primed them. So instead, I played a couple of games of Blood Bowl. I lost them both, although I felt if I’d been a bit luckier, I might have drawn the second 1-1. Or if my opponent had been luckier, he’d have won 2-0.

I did read an interesting article about the accessibility of Blood Boel; its hard to play if you’re colour blind, otherwise visually impaired, not dextrous enough, not rich enough and if you can’t handle complex rule sets. But it’s also not for the emotionally vulnerable, due to the stress it induces. I can well believe that, after the stress of almost scoring (and then failing). And one of my players died tonight, a squashy little rat, so the struggle is real. Perhaps I shouldn’t play the kids after all. 

Oh, and I got banned on reddit, don’t know why. Perhaps I’ll get unbanned one day. 

My wife came back, worn out from climbing, went to bed, and I played on. And on and on… 

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