Another 1-1 victory

I had another game of Blood Bowl at Warboar in Bromley this evening. It took us over three hours, and ended in a draw, but I was happy.

There were multiple reasons for this:

  • At half time, with two of my team badly hurt and unable to play, and two more knocked out, my opponent took pity on me and bought me a beer. 
  • When I realised at half time that I’d set up on the pitch with only ten players, when I should have had 11, I had some excuse for struggling so hard in the first half
  • In the second half, I failed to stop his relentless progress down the pitch, but I did enough to make it hard, and ensure that when he was in striking range of the end zone he had to score immediately and not stall to try to win. 
  • And in the last three turns of the game, my Prominent Vegans finally got it together and rushed the ball forward, and with the result resting on one roll of the dice in the very last turn, I managed to claw back a 1-1 draw rather than go down in defeat. 
  • Oh, and my opponent guessed my age at 36, and it’s always nice when people tell you that you look younger than you are. 

So that was a nice way to polish off the week. We had a good chat about Bromley (he was six years younger than me and had been a goth at school, whereas I was a metalhead, and while these were religiously opposed factions at the time, in retrospect there’s some commonality (not least that everyone else thinks they’re mutually interchangeable). And I got to play Blood Bowl against a friendly, thoughtful person, and what could be more sociable than a game where angry warriors of Chaos try to slaughter Amazons in sacrifice to their dark gods, while also attempting to get a ball down the pitch? 

Celebrating the 5/6 chance that got my one-armed Beastman across the line to score…

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