A smashing day

Destroyer celebrating her victory in the background…

This morning my wife was kind enough to let me sleep in until 9am, although to be honest, if she’d been kind enough to tell me to stop playing Sleeping Dogs at one in the morning and go to bed,I wouldn’t have needed the lie-in.  Never mind.

Destroyer complained that she was still tired and tried to crawl off to bed at about 10am.  Then she came back out, flopped around for a bit and finally vomitted all over the dining room, just as my wife was trying to get a short nap to recover from the Zumba class that punished her yesterday.  Cue an ecstasy of fumbling as I tried to mop up the vomit (apparenlty unprocessed fruit smoothie, in case you were curious) and console my shuddering child.

Thankfully, the vomit was a one-off, rather than La Serpiente’s regurgitation express, so the rest of the day was free from sick, although Destroyer did decide when we got to swimming class that she was about to vomit, and so avoided going in the pool.  She has shown a certain antipathy for swimming recently, or rather, for getting into the pool.  When she’s in, she’s fine, but she always protests beforehand.  Maybe throwing up was just playing the long game.

After lunch today, I got the Blood Bowl pitch out (the Christmas version, complete with snowmen, Christmas trees and so on) and played the girls at 6-a-side Blood Bowl.  They took the humans, I had the orcs, and within three turns La Serpiente had got bored and flounced off, Destroyer had screeched when I tried to tackle one of her players, and after I messed up my dice roll and fell over myself, she quite competently ran the ball fowards and scored.  Which was a victory La Serpiente rushed back to try to claim an equal part in.

So I guess they may already be better game players than me.

It was blasted hot today, and we spent the afternoon doing little apart from feeling uncomfortable.  When I got the kids home after swimming, my wife was so pleased to see us that she flung the blender to the floor, where it smashed into a thousand pieces of razor sharp glass that spread themselves across the kitchen, covering the entire floor in some demonstration of the universe’s tendency to entropy.  Maybe she was mad at me for putting the smoothie-encrusted towels in the washing machine without rinsing them out first, and almost blocking the drains.  Oh well.  The smoothie had served us well, after we destroyed the motor of our first one in Sago Lane all those years ago – it’s had at least four, probably five years of impeccable service, so I’m sad to see it go now.  Oh well. Oh well oh well.

This evening it was also my wife’s turn to put the kids down, so I went out to buy citrus fruit and more paint from the Games Workshop shop, and then came home to play (lose) another game of Blood Bowl, this time to a person on the internet, rather than one of my daughters.  And so it goes on…

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