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  • A smashing day

    This morning my wife was kind enough to let me sleep in until 9am, although to be honest, if she’d been kind enough to tell me to stop playing Sleeping Dogs at one in the morning and go to bed,I wouldn’t have needed the lie-in.  Never mind.

  • Wins and losses

    This was my last Sunday with my family before they fly away and I don’t see them for a month, so I took Destroyer and La Serpiente out for pancakes, and after that went off climbing. Serving me right for this neglect of fatherly duties, my scooter skidded after I’d gone over a bit of […]

  • Now I am 19

    I wasn’t expecting to do very well at the climbing wall today; with less than three hours sleep before we got up this morning, and only an hour snatched when I went home early, incapable of thought, I wasn’t really set up for success. So I was a bit intimidated when we went straight to […]