Jaded, statuesque, of Bangkok

I flew to Bangkok this afternoon. Normally I take a later flight, but today I was on the 4pm departure, which got me to Bangkok just in time for rush hour on the sky train, one of those wonderful experiences where people defy physics to prove you can fit more bodies into a train carriage than should be possible. Still, I was in the hotel four hours after the plane took off from Singapore, so that wasn’t so awful.

I went for a swim and did a few chin ups at the hotel gym, then, convinced I’d done enough exercise, ate an enormous pizza and felt quite unwell. I really have seen the best that Bangkok has to offer. 

Then, tired and jaded and a little bit homesick, I read fifteen chapters of a book about Space Marines, and then it was time for bed. There will be more, more meaningfulness, tomorrow. 

And tomorrow, and tomorrow… 

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