Late to bed and early to rise

After creeping back into the house last night at 11 (my flight got in at 6, but then I went out to a work dinner and ate wine and drank cheese until my body was going to melt) I had the kids crawl over me from 2 until 5 in the morning, at which point I had to get up and get on a call with the US. I had a 15 minute presentation to give, at the end of an hour’s meeting, which I didn’t like so much; ideally I would have had 15 minutes at the start and then gone back to bed, but hey, the world doesn’t revolve around me.
So after that, I took La Serpiente to school, then went to my physio. I’ve never been in the morning, only the afternoons before, and I didn’t realise the mornings would coincide with a very noisy person in the next room. "Aaaagh … Oh Jesus … Aaaagh":for thirty minutes these groans came through the wall. I try to be more stoic than that. I’ll have my physio jamming an elbow into the soft tissue on my shoulder and at most I might murmur that this is incredibly painful, but you don’t want to make a fuss, right?

That set up the rest of the day to be quite relaxing, culminating in getting home to find both kids manic with exhaustion (getting up early to crawl over your parents is quite tiring, it turns out), and then I put Destroyer to sleep after her bath and had to be dragged from her room two hours later after I’d passed out on her bed. I wonder if I’ll get jet lag from all this sleeping at inopportune times. .

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