Earlier to bed

Tonight I put Destroyer to bed. This was a very simple thing for me to do: I took her to her room, lay among the mounds of stuffed toys on her bed, read her The Gruffalo’s Child, then, despite her protestations, rested my head on a pillow and teleported to two hours in the future.
At first, I couldn’t understand why I was so tired. Then I remembered that I couldn’t sleep last night till about 1am, and I’d been to the physio today (it turns out that having somebody massage your injured foot can be super exhausting). These things will set you up for a good sleep; it’s just a bit inconvenient to have that sleep *before* bedtime, rather than after it.

Luckily, as I have a 1:30 conference call, I’m just awake enough that I should sail through that and then be able to pass out again. I am a bit worried that one of the children will wake up while I’m on the call. The alternative would be to go into the office, and then there’d be no chance of my speaking waking anyone up, but if the kids did wake up anyway and started raising hell at their absentee father … well, if I wasn’t at home for that, I’d probably do well to stay out all night. If you’re too lazy to work Saturday, don’t even bother coming to work on Sunday and all that…

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