Further adventures in varnish

The weekend we moved into our apartment, I revarnished the butcher block we have in our kitchen. I was super pleased with the deep, glossy finish that resulted from two thick coats of varnish. We were all less pleased with the fact that even after three weeks, the top of the butcher block is still tacky and can’t be used to put things on. So tonight I had all the fun of sanding it down again, removing that deep glossy lustre. Oh well, easy come, easy go.
Aside from this, we had a wonderful day. I took La Serpiente out first thing and bought her pancakes, then my wife took the kids to the library and I took our oven off to be rerepaired. Currently it doesn’t turn off, which is a hassle if you don’t want to burn the house down. Last time I took it to the service people, they ignored what we told them and fitted a new heating element, which as we explained was never the problem. Hopefully this time they understand what we tell them.

After that, I went to Serangoon and bought some secondhand sunglasses for my wife, and then went home, arriving just after everyone else had got back from the library. I took Destroyer out for a quick walk to look at crickets in the grassy field below our flat, and then we shared a cranberry scone with jam and cream, our own little cream tea.

Now I’d had time with each of my daughters, my wife took them swimming and I went climbing for an hour and a quarter. I did a few new problems I’d not managed before, failed to do a few things I have done before, and then got my sweat on in the last five minutes. I guess the exertion of clinging to the wall finally got to me.

Again, we all got home about the same time, and this time I was bearing smoked cheese, which made me a hero. At least to myself. We fed the kids, I bathed them, and then I put them to bed. La Serpiente passed out in moments, but Destroyer wanted an animal to hug. "Sparkle" she told me, "in the cake room."

Not the toy room, I enquired, as last time I checked we didn’t have a room exclusively for cake. No, the emphatic answer came, the cake room. I became enlightened when I went in the toy room and discovered Sparkle, a soft purple unicorn, next to a toy wooden cake. That child is definitely observant. I waited five minutes to go back in; by then she was out cold.

So, a lovely day, finished off with wrestling with the Xbox and some kind of login failure. That’s how I love to spend Saturday nights.

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