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  • I went to Boulder Movement this lunchtime to climb, but I’d forgotten that my shoes were at home after I’d been to Boulder Plus on Sunday. So instead of climbing, I worked on pull ups for twenty minutes, then went back to the office for the afternoon. Then, after my last meeting of the day, […]

  • Fractured bedtime

    After rushing through KLIA2 after my plane landed more than an hour late, and then getting a train into Kuala Lumpur and not getting to bed until 2 this morning, I was quite tired, but I was happy to get home and see the family. It was my turn to put the girls to bed.

  • Demented children

    When Destroyer doesn’t get what she wants, or thinks she isn’t getting what she wants (eg "Destroyer, you can play for ten more minutes before we have to go to school" "No! I want five more minutes!") she often utters an angry, high-pitched grunt, and we really would like her not to do this.

  • Fear of the dark

    Destroyer had forgiven my finger biting from last night. This was good, because it was my turn to put the girls to bed and that wouldn’t be very easy if they were terrified that I was going to maul them.

  • Still burning the candle at both ends

    After last week, I swore that this week would be a bit more sensible. No more late nights working on data in the office and then getting up early for calls. Well, tomorrow and Wednesday I have 9am calls (which I can dial in for, as I walk back from the school run, hopefully not […]

  • The long Monday after the hard weekend

    Today was my first day without booze since Thursday. I felt dreadful. Bloated, nauseous, foul smells emanating from my body as I walked La Serpiente to school. (Well, I walked, she hooned off on her scooter and waited for me at various points on the footpath, I assume calculated to be the most derisory.) After […]

  • Dreading Dread Zeppelin and other Saturday morning nonsense

    I slept in today, trying to rest my neck as much as possible, and when at last my wife could no longer deal with the high volume yelling of the children, I hauled myself out of bed, took a painkiller and we went out to our closest café for extra breakfast. Or rather, breakfast for […]

  • Quiet night in

    I was a ruin today, sleeping in until 9, then still exhausted and needing to nap in the afternoon. But come nightfall, when the kids were asleep and friends came round to visit, and we cracked open two different bottles of gin (Sipsmith sloe gin and Margaret River botanical) I finally felt alive again. We […]

  • Settle down there please

    On Monday I was out late, last night we both stayed in to watch Game of Thrones, and tonight it was my wife’s turn to go out drinking, while I tried to get the girls to sleep.

  • Further tears before bedtime

    So tonight it was my turn again to put Destroyer down. This would be the last time before her second birthday, and she marked it in style by being quite copacetic while I read her the story of Little Miss Magic, and then literally climbing the walls, screaming constantly for her mother, once I put […]