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I felt a bit better today and so did the girls; I’d had some sleep, we all walked to school without incident and then I went to work to have a series of calls. At lunchtime I went to Boulder Movement for my weekly training session, and was surprised to find that instead of climbing I’d be doing other things.

Specifically, 4 sets of 15 rows, where I started with my body horizontal, clinging on to a pair of hoops, and then had to pull myself up and down. That was murderous. Then we went on to pull ups, with my hands wide apart. This was also horrible, until my trainer told me to focus on bending the bar, rather than pulling myself up to it. All of a sudden my body responded and I went from struggling to do one pull up to managing three in a row.

And then we went climbing. 

I polished off another 22 and a few 19s today, some of which I’d tried before and couldn’t deal with, but with a bit of guidance I could get up. So again, I’m really pleased with my progress this year – I’ve got a lot better than where I started, and I’m starting to get a bit more dynamic too. 

Then I went back to the office and was an exhausted mess for the rest of the day, but then you can’t have everything.

This evening it was my turn not to put the kids to bed; my wife did, so I got to play Blood Bowl, except my computer decided it was time to update itself, so instead I watched the MotoGP race from Sunday, almost falling asleep despite the exciting finale. And then up for a few hours, finally getting some Blood Bowl action, and thence to bed. 

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