The morning after

Funnily enough, after an evening of beer and wine and gin, I didn’t feel that great when my alarm went off at 6:30 this morning. Still, I got out of bed, had a banana and a ramekin full of yogurt, then got a car over to East Coast Park for the Parkrun. I was pleasantly surprised to finish in less than 25 minutes, although that was the only pleasant thing about it. It had rained in the night and that hadn’t affected the temperature one whit, but it seemed more humid than ever. At the turnaround point at 2.7km, I almost vomited over the person running next to me. That would not have been a personal best.
I got home, my wife took the girls out to a birthday party, I took our library books back, had an unsatisfactory coffee at the place that won this year’s Singapore Barista Championship, then rendezvoused with the family at a shopping mall and took the girls to their swimming class.

Yesterday I had a hard session at the climbing wall. I did clean several problems I’ve never managed before, but I also strained muscles in my left arm and in my back, so manhandling the kids wasn’t as easy as it could have been. There was also a huge rainstorm as I was getting them home again, and the change in air pressure gave me a headache just as I was trying to keep the kids awake. The evening, with two exhausted, tetchy kids wasn’t fun, especially as I was shattered too after the morning’s exertion and lack of sleep.

The cherry on the cake was La Serpiente managing to cut her foot on a box of avocados and howl the house down. At least both of them fell asleep quickly. I had great ambitions to sand the top of our kitchen table tonight, but instead I lay broken in front of the television. Ah well.

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