Longest brunch in the world

I’ve clearly been exercising too much, because I woke today a broken man, incapable of much more than going out and eating pancakes and a revoltingly bad smoothie at Kith cafe (bananas, espresso, chocolate and digestive biscuits are all good things, but not at the same time). Then I reached out to my friend from work, Bob, to see if he wanted a coffee. Instead, we met for brunch at Group Therapy, and after I’d had a coffee there, we went off to Nylon for more coffee.
And then after that, it was off to the Peninsula Mall, which has a continual and horrendous stench of shit. We were looking for a bag for Bob, so I and Bob’s girlfriend followed him around the mall for an hour or two, then went to get something to eat, and when Bob still hadn’t finished finding a bag, we went to buy shoes, and then wandered around some more, until Bob was finally ready to move on.

I’d erroneously drunk a litre and a half of water, so when we walked down to Liang Court mall I was almost doubled over with pain until I could get to the lavatories to drain myself, and then began to fill myself back up with beer.

Of course, that wasn’t enough, so then we stumbled back around Clarke Quay until we got to a slightly bizarre basement (vegetarian) burger joint, which didn’t stop us from then strolling down to 28 Hong Kong Street, and then scoffing deep fried cheese balls and drinking more booze. I necked a beetroot-and-ginger cocktail (well, it had gin and benedictine in it too) and then had a bin and tonic, then finally we headed back to Tanjon Pagar.

So that was nice. I don’t think I’ve had a nine hour brunch before. I’m now ready for bed. I’m feeling pretty much back to normal now, recovered for another hard day of exertion tomorrow. And on it goes…

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