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  • Last night out in Bangkok?

    After a long and productive offsite in Bangkok, we went to a restaurant ten minutes’ walk from the office. Well, half of us did; the rest tried taking a taxi, which meant they arrived an hour later. Such are the joys of traffic in the City of Angels.

  • DTF

    To celebrate the end of a productive week, we went out for dinner at Din Tai Fung, a Michelin-starred Taiwanese restaurant in the middle of Seattle. There’s a reliance on pork in Taiwanese food, so there wasnt much for me to eat, but what there was was more than ample: truffle xiaolongbao were especially good.

  • Speechless in Seattle

    I made a few discoveries today. For example, I discovered that if I try to drink a pint glass full of Trader Joe’s gin and Fever Tree tonic water, it doesn’t matter how much tonic you put in, the gin will prevail. Or perhaps there shouldn’t have been an inch worth of gin in the […]

  • Longest brunch in the world

    I’ve clearly been exercising too much, because I woke today a broken man, incapable of much more than going out and eating pancakes and a revoltingly bad smoothie at Kith cafe (bananas, espresso, chocolate and digestive biscuits are all good things, but not at the same time). Then I reached out to my friend from […]

  • The usual Saturday

    This morning I took the girls out for breakfast so my wife could concentrate on packing, and as usual La Serpiente inhaled her pancakes, and Destroyer toyed with the muesli she’d demanded, then refused to eat any. Fortunately I phoned home and my wife told her to “just eat ten bites” and she ended up […]

  • Hoist on my own petard again

    After boasting about my prowess at sleeping yesterday, it was inevitable that La Serpiente would have bad dreams and demand I slept in her bed. Of course, she then displayed no loyalty and when I’d fallen asleep, went out and slept next to my wife, so I woke up at 7:30 today rather confused by […]

  • A little bit lost

    I was invited to dinner at a work colleague’s condo. She lives at 03-01, which sounds like a reasonable address until you discover that her condo complex has 16 different lobbies, each with an apartment 03-01. And her phone is turned off.

  • After effects

    I was fairly hungover today. It came in waves, repeatedly knocking me around, rather than a single monolith of misery. I took the kids to the café, fed them babycinnos, tried to avoid vomitting on them. I went to the climbing wall for an hour and belched foul clouds into my own face as I […]

  • Birthday at The Fat Prince

    For my birthday, my wife took me out to The Fat Prince, a Turkish restaurant round the corner from our flat. We got a bit lost and wandered past Korean wedding salons for a while, before fetching up outside the dark exterior of The Fat Prince.

  • Day Two In Myanmar

    Last night, after we had recovered from lunch and our horrible early morning start, we went into town to see what there was to see. There’s an enormous pagoda with different Buddhas for every day of the week (complete with signs to tell you which is which) and there’s some slightly decrepit but picturesque colonial […]