Hoist on my own petard again

After boasting about my prowess at sleeping yesterday, it was inevitable that La Serpiente would have bad dreams and demand I slept in her bed. Of course, she then displayed no loyalty and when I’d fallen asleep, went out and slept next to my wife, so I woke up at 7:30 today rather confused by the world. And it was raining. And the girls had their dental appointment today, so as well as carrying umbrellas and making them wear galoshes today, I had to lug a car seat to school so that when I went to pick them up at lunchtime, I’d be able to safely transport them to the dentist

Other than that, a reasonable day. In the evening I had a work event (on a Tuesday? What madness is this?) at a burger joint called, prosaically enough, Burger Joint. Burgers were free but so was the booze, and this was bad because my wife, knowing this, had stuffed me full of food before I went out, which may have stopped me getting wrecked but didn’t stop me having to eat a (veggie) burger, which doesn’t help when you’re way above your target weight. Beer, you aren’t helping.

Anyway, at nine-something I fled Burger Joint and walked home. (I rode a frankly terrifying bicycle in the rain today, all slipping chain and wonky brakes, so walking is my new found favourite form of transportation.) My wife was almost passed out on the sofa already, so I drove virtual cars up and down made up mountains, and then we went to bed.

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