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  • Hoist on my own petard again

    After boasting about my prowess at sleeping yesterday, it was inevitable that La Serpiente would have bad dreams and demand I slept in her bed. Of course, she then displayed no loyalty and when I’d fallen asleep, went out and slept next to my wife, so I woke up at 7:30 today rather confused by […]

  • Lunchtime burger

    Today we took some colleagues who are visiting Singapore for the first time to Lau Pa Sat, a hawker centre in the middle of the the central business district, so they could eat chicken rice and laksa. Since I can’t eat either of those, I went over the road to the food court at Asia […]

  • Cocoon Yoga

    After eating an incredibly dense stack of pancakes at a cafe near our flat, I went to Cocoon Yoga for a class. I had walked past their front door a couple of weeks ago, looking for ice cream, and saw they had a back class. Since I have always had dreadful posture, and since working […]

  • Not drinking, Monday lunchtime

    Today I went out for lunch at Brewerkz, a cavernous restaurant/bar/brewery occupying part of the waterfront at Clark Quay. Arriving there at midday, when the place was almost completely empty, it felt like,one of the many bars I’ve been to in Bellevue, WA, the hometown of my company. That’s not because there was a warm […]