Lunchtime burger

Today we took some colleagues who are visiting Singapore for the first time to Lau Pa Sat, a hawker centre in the middle of the the central business district, so they could eat chicken rice and laksa. Since I can’t eat either of those, I went over the road to the food court at Asia Square, and got a veggie burger from Triple O’s. Because what says Singaporean food more than a Canadian burger?
It’s been over a year, I think, since I last had a Triple O’s burger (in Singapore, that is – I’m sure I I had a few on the ferry to Vancouver Island) and it did not disappoint. The pickle draped on top of the bun is a nice touch, the burger itself is full bodied enough to compensate for not being meat (and it’s not just an enormous mushroom, for a change) and then there’s the sauce. Oh, the sauce. Triple O’s make this concoction from mayonnaise and God knows what else, a rich, slimy goop that tangs and is just sweet enough. I inhaled my burger in mere seconds and wished I’d had fries as well, and then remembered that was probably a bad idea.

The others had their laksa and chicken rice, and then we took a car back to the office. Waiting for the car we stood by the side of the road in the direct sunlight, which wasn’t such a smart idea; reeling from the dazzling brightness, perspiring like crazy, the air con in the car unable to compete with the sweaty bodies. But the burger, oh, what a burger!

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