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  • Lunchtime burger

    Today we took some colleagues who are visiting Singapore for the first time to Lau Pa Sat, a hawker centre in the middle of the the central business district, so they could eat chicken rice and laksa. Since I can’t eat either of those, I went over the road to the food court at Asia…

  • Early to bed and early to rise

    Having gone to bed at six without bath or dinner, I expected La Serpiente to be up four hours later complaining, but she slept in silence until past midnight, when she woke and called for me in her most piteous tone. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she was panting, but I calmed…

  • Second wife

    For lunch today, our friend Mel accompanied me from the office to visit my wife and La Serpiente Aquatica Negra. On the way there, we stopped to buy salad in the hawker centre. The man running the salad stall asked if I was Mel’s husband. We took the salad to my apartment, where La Serpiente…

  • Correct chopeing etiquette

    In Singapore, you reserve tables in food courts by putting a small worthless item, like a packet of tissues, on the table and then wandering off to get your food. I find this a bit annoying, although the person I discussed this with on the way to lunch today thought it was great, but he…

  • Gaest

    This lunchtime, caught in a sudden shower and not keen to go far, I ran across the street to Gaest, a Norweigan csfe squeezed into a small gap in the bottom of an office building. I’ve never thought of Norway as being famous for food (apart from pickled herring) so I was curious as to…

  • Cedele, Chevron House

    I’m flying to the US tomorrow so I went to the moneychangers at the Arcade on Raffles Place. Amusingly, of the three moneychangers immediately adjacent to one another, there were three different rates for buying US dollars, so I now know I value my time at $4 for five minutes, or $48 per hour, based…

  • Salad Stop

    For lunch today I went north with my salad eating compadre, to the Salad Stop on George Street. Salad may have been invented by poor people, but this stuff, at more than ten dollars a bowl, is anything but cheap.

  • The B Salad Kitchen

    The B Salad Kitchen is a single unit in the depths of the Amoy Street Food Centre, conspicuous amongst the other stalls because it’s about the only one serving food that isn’t fried.

  • Sarnies

    "We can take payment any way you like, even Bitcoin" the lady at the till told me. I asked if they took DogeCoin, because I’m awkward like that, and she wasn’t too clear. Was this going to be a hipster deathmatch, her youthful bafflement against my cynical, bearded granolaism? Can granolaism even be a word?

  • 6oz Espresso Bar

    I’m in a rush for lunch today, so instead of walking far I went to the ground floor of our office building on Cecil Street, and ordered a mushroom sandwich and a juice from 6oz. And no coffee, because I’ve already had my coffee today.