Cedele, Chevron House

I’m flying to the US tomorrow so I went to the moneychangers at the Arcade on Raffles Place. Amusingly, of the three moneychangers immediately adjacent to one another, there were three different rates for buying US dollars, so I now know I value my time at $4 for five minutes, or $48 per hour, based on how long it took me to locate the lowest price. Having done that, Chevron House was right next door, and up one flight of stairs is a branch of Cedele, a Singaporean sandwich chain.

The sandwiches are made to demand, rather than festering in a refrigerator all day, and you get to choose your bread. As there are several branches of Cedele close by, you also get to choose between slightly slow and overworked (Golden Shoe) or snappy (Chevron House, both in terms of speed and demeanour).

I had a Cedele sandwich the day La Serpiente Aguatica Negra was born, and that wasn’t due to me callously neglecting my wife during the throes of childbirth, but because the doctor told me so. Sadly, I can’t say that I remember anything about that sandwich, and nor does the sight of a Cedele sandwich stir up any particularly paternal feelings.

Today I had the beetroot burger, which has a pleasingly dense texture. It comes with avocado and a dash of mayo and is toasted. The only drawback of the Cedele sandwich is that it’s not stable under load. That is, as you eat it the sandwich often collapses before you’ve completed eating it, making a bit of a mess when you’re trying to look suave and professional.

Why not eat it in the privacy of a toilet cubicle. There could be no drawback there…

Finally, Cedele have a kind of generous loyalty system, as long as you have a Singaporean ID number, translating into about a 1% discount. Their card costs $20 to sign up for it, but then gives you $30 of credit – a good deal, but not without risk if you found you don’t like their sandwiches.

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