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  • Adler’s Hostel

    In dire need of ice cream, I slunk out of the flat at 8pm, almost took a wrong turn and fell 21 floors to my certain doom, but luckily checked myself before I wrecked myself, and took the lift down instead. Then I walked up South Bridge Road to Adler’s, a hostel in the middle […]

  • Gaest

    This lunchtime, caught in a sudden shower and not keen to go far, I ran across the street to Gaest, a Norweigan csfe squeezed into a small gap in the bottom of an office building. I’ve never thought of Norway as being famous for food (apart from pickled herring) so I was curious as to […]

  • Empellon Tacqueria

    It took me almost four entire days from arriving in New York before I finally got tacos. After an abortive attempt to visit friends in New Jersey, where the culinary highlight of hanging around the Port Imperial ferry terminal was eating a Mrs Fields cookie, I was seriously hungry, so when we arrived at Empellon […]

  • Feast (it’s all made of pork)

    This afternoon we had ice cream at Odd Fellows, I had the sprinkles flavour, which is sugary multicoloured sprinkles in sugar, in a sugar cone. It was great. They gave me a badge and everything. The main event for today though was Feast, a restaurant down on 3rd avenue, run by hipsters (as is everything […]

  • Comfort Diner

    The Comfort Diner is down on 45th street, a few minutes’ walk from our hotel and, rather than spend $34 each on a buffet of unknown size and quality, we visited the Comfort Diner to get a proper idea of the world.

  • Worldbean, JFK baggage reclaim, terminal 2

    Despite feeling perky at Seattle, after a smooth flight over the Pacific, I still couldn’t keep my eyes open on the flight across to New York, and although they served a meal, it was almost entirely unmemorable. It involved quinoa. At least that was vegetarian, whereas on the Hong Kong-Seattle flight all I got from […]

  • Virgin Clubhouse, Hong Kong International

    Damn, it’s good to be a frequent flyer. All that travelling on Delta last year finally paid off with Gold status, and Delta’s partnership with Virgin Atlantic means that at Hong Kong, after a sleepless night flight, itself following an endless trek around Changi airport for dinner, I got to sit in a pleasant space […]

  • Cedele, Chevron House

    I’m flying to the US tomorrow so I went to the moneychangers at the Arcade on Raffles Place. Amusingly, of the three moneychangers immediately adjacent to one another, there were three different rates for buying US dollars, so I now know I value my time at $4 for five minutes, or $48 per hour, based […]

  • Salad Stop

    For lunch today I went north with my salad eating compadre, to the Salad Stop on George Street. Salad may have been invented by poor people, but this stuff, at more than ten dollars a bowl, is anything but cheap.

  • Sprmarket

    Sprmarket (why did they save on some vowels but not others?) is a combination cookware shop/art space/cafe with a big fridge full of beer. It’s a natural place to go for breakfast, as nothing wakes me up like a painting of an enormous pair of yellow breasts first thing in the morning.