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  • Epicurious

    After a comparatively big night out, this morning I cycled over to Robertson Quay for brunch at Epicurious. You can’t reserve a table there, and it gets rammed later on, so we had our meal at the early time of 10:30. That’s early if you’re young, childless and pounding the beers till 3am, or late […]

  • Costa Coffee, Vivocity

    I had a surprisingly cheap foot massage today (about the same price as it would be in an upstairs room in Chinatown, but in the far more relaxed atmosphere of a Thai place in the Vivocity mall. The mall itself is usually fairly expensive and very noisy, so finding something cheap and quiet bordered on […]

  • The B Salad Kitchen

    The B Salad Kitchen is a single unit in the depths of the Amoy Street Food Centre, conspicuous amongst the other stalls because it’s about the only one serving food that isn’t fried.

  • Sarnies

    "We can take payment any way you like, even Bitcoin" the lady at the till told me. I asked if they took DogeCoin, because I’m awkward like that, and she wasn’t too clear. Was this going to be a hipster deathmatch, her youthful bafflement against my cynical, bearded granolaism? Can granolaism even be a word?

  • 6oz Espresso Bar

    I’m in a rush for lunch today, so instead of walking far I went to the ground floor of our office building on Cecil Street, and ordered a mushroom sandwich and a juice from 6oz. And no coffee, because I’ve already had my coffee today.