6oz Espresso Bar

I’m in a rush for lunch today, so instead of walking far I went to the ground floor of our office building on Cecil Street, and ordered a mushroom sandwich and a juice from 6oz. And no coffee, because I’ve already had my coffee today.

In a rush so instead of sitting at an uncomfortable metal chair, straight back to the office. There’s a meal set at lunch time: 12 dollars for a "gourmet sandwich" and a drink.

The orange juice comes full of ice cubes – reasonable in the Tropics, senseless in my Baltic office – while the sandwich, the "Croque Champignon" is wrapped in paper, when they heated it up, because the cheese was on top of the bread rather than inside it, the cheese ended up melting and then bonding to the paper, which made the sandwich cheeseless and a little blander than intended.

Croque Champignon
Like a fiery vision, it’s just a decheesed cheesy sandwich

Mushrooms (and chopped onion) were good, bread was a bit doughy and not warm enough. But it’s a sad fact that good bread is hard to find in Asia. Not impossible, but hard.

Perhaps it wasn’t so bad that the cheese was unattached to the sandwich. It was bright orange and looked inedible anyway – what’s so gourmet about what looks like a slice of Kraft processed plastic, anyway?

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  1. I am sure that if you want Michelin stars, you need to pay a bit of attention to how the thing looks. To my mind, the same applies to describing yourself as “gourmet”.

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