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  • Disappointed at the Funan Digital Mall

    ​They’re decommissioning the Funan Digital Life Mall in Singapore. This is a five storey mall full of camera and computer shops, with some random fast food joints in the ground floor and a few places to buy manga-inspired dolls, a paintball supplier and a Games Workshop reseller called the Battle Bunker (it’s on the fourth […]

  • Sandwiched

    I didn’t feel great this morning; a possible aftereffect of drinking a bucket of Hoegaarden, half a bottle of wine and three gin and tonics last night. But I wasn’t hungover; you don’t get to be hungover when you have a small and highly excitable child, intent on proving to you that she can name […]

  • Bad Sandwich

    Last night our daughter howled like a banshee for hours, a horrible high pitched wail like nothing we’d heard before. All efforts to placate her were in vain, and it wasn’t until well past 1am that she went to sleep. When she woke at seven, she was brimming with good cheer and energy, while the […]

  • Food frustrations

    At one o’clock I left the office, descended six flights of stairs and went to Asia Square. I was stuck in a line of slow moving people, so I didn’t get to the food court until ten past. Then there was a queue at Triple O’s, and I had to stand for seven minutes waiting. […]

  • Cedele, Chevron House

    I’m flying to the US tomorrow so I went to the moneychangers at the Arcade on Raffles Place. Amusingly, of the three moneychangers immediately adjacent to one another, there were three different rates for buying US dollars, so I now know I value my time at $4 for five minutes, or $48 per hour, based […]

  • Sarnies

    "We can take payment any way you like, even Bitcoin" the lady at the till told me. I asked if they took DogeCoin, because I’m awkward like that, and she wasn’t too clear. Was this going to be a hipster deathmatch, her youthful bafflement against my cynical, bearded granolaism? Can granolaism even be a word?

  • 6oz Espresso Bar

    I’m in a rush for lunch today, so instead of walking far I went to the ground floor of our office building on Cecil Street, and ordered a mushroom sandwich and a juice from 6oz. And no coffee, because I’ve already had my coffee today.