Food frustrations

At one o’clock I left the office, descended six flights of stairs and went to Asia Square. I was stuck in a line of slow moving people, so I didn’t get to the food court until ten past. Then there was a queue at Triple O’s, and I had to stand for seven minutes waiting. This would have been less annoying if I hadn’t stood behind a man who waited five minutes in the queue, then seemed to only notice the menu and start his decision making process when he reached the counter.

That’s not right. That’s not helpful to your fellow citizens, champing at the bit for fast food. You can see the menu from twenty yards away, you spot what you want, you walk towards the counter, bam, you make your decision. Eat eat eat, not vacillate vacillate vacillate.

Things were exacerbated by the kitchen being slammed – people kept walking back up to the counter grumpily asking where their food was. I stood in a corner, tapping my foot with stress, until at 1:25 my food arrived and I scampered away to the office for a 1:30 meeting.

It’s still ten minutes between the office and Asia Square, so I made it back in six minutes, drenched in sweat, discovering that what I thought I’d ordered to accompany my veggie burger (a bottle of apple juice) was actually a bottle of apple juice drink, a quite different proposition.

Still, the burger was nice.

This evening we were going to eat the Thai curry my wife had cooked earlier in the week and frozen. Unfortunately, even after putting it in the microwave for eight minutes on Defrost it remained solid.

Annoyed at the denial of my food to be edible, I put the frozen lump back into the microwave and set it to full blast. Inadvertently, I let the lid slip back on, and somehow generated a pressure differential, sucking the lid onto the container and clenching it tight.

We tried to pull the lid off. We tried to prise it off with a spoon. Then we tried with a knife. You shouldn’t try to open a Tupperware container full of red hot curry by using a sharp knife, especially if you’re not wearing any clothes because you had to take them off while you were bathing your child.

Life is pretty dangerous sometimes.

It’s also really annoying when, even with a knife, a wooden spoon and an oven glove, you’re no closer to your dinner than you were fifteen minutes previously. About the time that I started to throw a tantrum, my wife sat me down and made me a tofurkey sandwich instead. I suppose that was for the best.

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