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  • Jet lagged again

    I woke just before 6 this morning, went for a run and then walked to Palo Alto to pick up my ride to work. Google Maps told me the walk (2.4 miles) would take 51 minutes. Insulted by the implication around my walking speed, I set off in a sulk… and arrived 45 minutes later. […]

  • Food frustrations

    At one o’clock I left the office, descended six flights of stairs and went to Asia Square. I was stuck in a line of slow moving people, so I didn’t get to the food court until ten past. Then there was a queue at Triple O’s, and I had to stand for seven minutes waiting. […]

  • Empellon Tacqueria

    It took me almost four entire days from arriving in New York before I finally got tacos. After an abortive attempt to visit friends in New Jersey, where the culinary highlight of hanging around the Port Imperial ferry terminal was eating a Mrs Fields cookie, I was seriously hungry, so when we arrived at Empellon […]

  • Feast (it’s all made of pork)

    This afternoon we had ice cream at Odd Fellows, I had the sprinkles flavour, which is sugary multicoloured sprinkles in sugar, in a sugar cone. It was great. They gave me a badge and everything. The main event for today though was Feast, a restaurant down on 3rd avenue, run by hipsters (as is everything […]

  • There’s no such thing as a free dinner

    I went out for a meal this evening, telling my wife I’d be home by eight. About nine, we were still eating (an ok cup of ice cream for me, but nothing wonderful). My wife texted me to see where I was. I promised I’d be home soon. We went for beers. I protested that […]