Feast (it’s all made of pork)

This afternoon we had ice cream at Odd Fellows, I had the sprinkles flavour, which is sugary multicoloured sprinkles in sugar, in a sugar cone. It was great. They gave me a badge and everything.

The main event for today though was Feast, a restaurant down on 3rd avenue, run by hipsters (as is everything these days) and specialising in a pork feast. Which sounded to me like a euphemism, but is a six course array of pig-based products.

I couldn’t have any of that, of course, which made it a slightly strange choice, but they had the most amazing arugula and blackberry salad, a combination I’d never considered, and one that is simple enough that we should be able to reenact it when we get home.

As a main, I had a risotto which was pretty much perfect, served in half an aubergine that had been breaded and fried. And then we left.

That’s the short review: the only flaw with Feast (apart from if you want to stay clear of pig) is that it’s very slow to get anything. From ordering to first course took us about an hour, and although this was a Friday night, the restaurant wasn’t anywhere near full when we arrived. When we left it was close to full, although a kitchen can’t be delayed retrospectively.

For us that meant that our child was out a lot later than operational tolerances demand: we needed to get in and get out, like the stormtroopers of supper, in order to eat and ensure we got her to bed on time. Not stay out late (Late? Eight o’clock is late? What has become of us?). Keep your kids out late and you feel like a bad parent, go home early and you’re no fun any more – a precarious tightrope I didn’t want to have to cross.

Then again, like everywhere else in New York it was LOUD, so you didn’t feel you were annoying other diners when your daughter started yelling.

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