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  • Ruminations on early morning flights

    We woke at 2:45 to get the kids out of bed and off to the airport, and although that was successful, I’m now running on significantly less sleep than usual. A few thoughts, then, upon the experience Is there a word for the feeling of relief when you get to the airport and discover you […]

  • 167 hours to go

    I got up at six and went straight to the airport, sneaking out without a shower to avoid waking anyone up. The ride to the airport was in an electric car, near silently swooshing past darkened housing blocks all the way to Changi Terminal 2, which seems to be a madhouse on Sunday mornings. Crowds […]

  • Ohyesbike

    Today, after yesterday’s disappointment, I gave obike another chance. I dropped La Serpiente off at school, looked for a nearby bike on the app, and set off to find it, walking down an alleyway in Tiong Bahru liberally studded with dog turds. The bike I found was parked outside the door of a flat, right […]

  • Ohnobike

    An app-based bicycle rental company has launched in Singapore. (Savour that sentence for a moment, a series of words that would have made little sense a decade ago.) It’s called obike and they’ve put white and yellow bicycles all over the island. You sign up to their app on your phone, then scan the QR […]

  • Alone in the dark

    I’ll often complain, but Singapore does have some beautiful weather. This afternoon I was in meeting after meeting, and just after five, as I looked out of the floor-to-ceiling window towards the west, I saw a patch of vehement orange yellow, growling up from the horizon. Above it, acres of dark grey, and then a […]

  • Sundown Marathon 2017

    This morning I ran the Sundown Marathon. It didn’t go quite the way I was hoping, but I think I did better than expected, in that I did at least finish. And I got the highest score I’ve ever had in a marathon – never got over 4 hours before! Ahem. I guess personal bests […]

  • Dinosaurs

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that all places, at all times, are envious of the South​ London suburb of Crystal Palace, and that given time, for any particular place, you’ll always be able to amass evidence to prove this.  And so that was that we went to Singapore’s attempt at the Hanging Gardens of […]

  • What a Carrie on

    As usual, I took La Serpiente to school today. We had the usual struggle getting her out the door because we couldn’t agree on footwear. La Serpiente has been demanding to wear a pair of Havianas that are slightly too big for her. Aesthetically this troubles me because I don’t like the shuffling gait it […]

  • Lost in transit once more

    I got a taxi to the airport with plenty of time to spare, assuming there’d be all kinds of extra hassle getting through security. I was wrong; from arriving curbside to dropping off my bags took less than five minutes. Of course, if I’d left a bit later I might have remembered to pack my […]

  • Pasir Ris Park

    This morning we went to Pasir Ris Park. Pasir Ris is right at the end of the East West MRT line, so the name had a passing familiarity, although it’s never somewhere I’d been before. I wasn’t feeling that great: two hard days of running behind me, and we’d been out til midnight at a […]