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  • Haze

    One of the advantages that Singapore holds over Hong Kong is the air quality. For months every year the Special Administrative Region is draped with clouds of filthy air that billow down from the factories of the Pearl River Delta, and the smuts of black diesel smoke puffing from every bus. The Lion City enjoys […]

  • Of babies, and saliva

    Today was the third and final day of the Singapore Baby Expo, so we went down to take a look at all the baby related paraphernalia available. The Singapore Expo is like a sanitized version of Dante’s hell, but instead of circles filled with sinners there are aircraft-hangar sized spaces full of people having shouting […]

  • Ten miles

    With less than a week until my last race for months, I knew I needed to put some miles in.

  • Eating like a bird

    Afternoon tea at the Raffles Hotel is something of an institution, and now I’ve been institutionalised.

  • Settlers

    Near my office is a cafe called Settlers; it’s in a row of shops and bars that starts with a vaguely lacklustre bar and ends with one of those karaoke joints where there are no windows and you have a terrible (but possibly unjustified) sense of foreboding when you walk past. Having said that, Settlers […]