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  • Al Murray in Singapore

    This evening, the wife and I abandoned the kids to our babysitter and went to the NUS Cultural Centre, to see Al Murray. I can’t think of a more inappropriate place to watch a strange facsimile of an irate Little Englander pub landlord ranting away, than in the terribly-clean and polite surroundings of the Cultural […]

  • Recovery Time: 42 Hours and hazy

    This evening, in between eating tofu marinaded in orange sauce and Mexican rice, and catching up on work emails, I tried searching the web for “exercise while wearing N95 mask” because if I carry on getting one run a month I’m going to go crazy. Eventually, I ended up on this page which had some […]

  • The Peril of Singapore’s Library System

    Today we paid for membership to Singapore’s libraries. (If you’re Singaporean you get access for free, if you’re a permanent resident it’s ten dollars a year, but for foreign trash like myself, it’s fifty dollars.) Singapore has some great libraries. We were at the National Library, which, although underground is light and airy, and has […]

  • At the races

    Tonight we went to the Singapore race course. This is in the depths of the north, half an hour’s drive in a taxi controlled by a man who didn’t want to go north, driven at speed through expressways, and right slap bang in the middle of nowhere. We went there for a race night organised […]

  • Off to see MOM

    Today we went to get Destroyer’s dependent pass issued. To do this, we had to get up early in the morning and then yomp up to the Riverside, a building by the side of the river in Singapore. (See, they’re efficient when it comes to naming things.) This was very upsetting as this morning was […]

  • No shit

    Walking back from our last pre-childbirth breakfast at Ronin, we passed this sign in the alleyway. It’s an interesting mixture of the formal (urinate) and the profane (shit) as well as a mixture of English, Chinese and low-quality clip art images of dogs. It’s also quite polite; I’m always glad when a sign says "please". […]

  • The Day After The Night Before Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year went off with the usual bang; the fireworks began at about 11:30, and our daughter woke up about 11:45, her wailing partly drowned out by the continued explosions. The partying still felt restrained compared to two years ago (a rocket full of Chinese people shouting the words to Gangnam Style as they […]

  • A little bit of lion dancing

    After last night’s track session, my watch told me I needed 43 hours of recovery time, which meant going spinning at midday today was a rather silly idea. What was sillier was not having any lunch afterwards, which meant all afternoon I was a floppy, ragged mess, sluggish and confused, and irritated by my enormous […]

  • Damp Boxing Day

    I woke up at six thirty to a downpour. I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep, gloomy at the thought of missing a run this morning, but looking forward to a rainfree day when I woke up. It carried on raining.

  • More toilet conundrums

    In the toilet on the ground floor of the office building where I work, there’s this sign. It’s worrying that such a sign is necessary; do people really need to be told not to stick paper towels into urinals? And what sort of education provides somebody with the literacy to read this sign, but fails […]