The B Salad Kitchen

The B Salad Kitchen is a single unit in the depths of the Amoy Street Food Centre, conspicuous amongst the other stalls because it’s about the only one serving food that isn’t fried.

The selection isn’t amazing; there’s no quinoa, no sundried tomatoes, no balls of mozzarella, no avocado. Truly when I used to go to Dressed Salads in Hong Kong and eat my hundred dollar (hundred Hong Kong dollar, mind you, but that’s still more than triple the price at The B Salad Kitchen) salads, I really was spoiled. Here, no choice between rocket or iceberg or another leaf: you just get lettuce.

Still, there’s at least eight different dressings (even though I feel like I’m contractually obliged to have a balsamic vinaigrette) and there are a fairly decent, if unexciting, range of toppings: beans, broccoli, beetroot, celery, carrots and so on.

My lunch buddy, Melissa, is a B Kitchen veteran and knows to ask for a half-serving of lettuce in the salad – otherwise, you get too many nutritionally neutral bits of lettuce – but I didn’t, and had to spend twice as long chomping through surplus roughage.

You could eat in the Amoy Food Centre itself, but salad requires contemplative silence, so we went the short distance to Ann Siang Hill and sat on a convenient bench, where occasionally leaves drifted down from the trees and into my salad. Yet more roughage.

A rather utilitarian way to eat your greens, but quite adequate. I’d rather overindulged on food all week, so this was a good respite.

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