Speechless in Seattle

I made a few discoveries today. For example, I discovered that if I try to drink a pint glass full of Trader Joe’s gin and Fever Tree tonic water, it doesn’t matter how much tonic you put in, the gin will prevail. Or perhaps there shouldn’t have been an inch worth of gin in the glass.

Furthermore, when Safeway start selling larger bottles of Fever Tree, that will be very nice, but in the meantime if there’s two of you drinking pint glasses of gin and tonic, the Fever Tree diminishes pretty fast and you’re then reduced to either necking the gin neat (which we already know is a bad idea) or you try diluting it with San Pellegrino, which also works.

After this righteous experimentation, the female half of the friends I’m staying came home to find us two reprobates on the sofa, fairly incapable of speech. After which I admitted defeat and crawled off to bed. It was Wednesday, after all, the traditional hump day where one gets as drunk as a camel.

Camels drink, right?

2 responses to “Speechless in Seattle”

  1. I like gin neat. Tonic water masks the taste of what makes them all different.
    I can’t drink Anno 60 neat though, that’s 60%, and I’ve just read that Trader Joe does an 88%

    • Yeah, 60% sounds a bit rich for my tastes. I had some overstrength Tanqueray back when I lived in Clapham, and although that was only 45% even the sight of it drove me to vomit the next day.

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