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  • Chicheti

    This evening we went to Chicheti, an Italian restaurant near Arab Street, that I haven’t been to since a birthday party two or more years ago. They do a very reliable pizza, plus desserts, plus I had a bottle of beer and several glasses of wine. Luckily I’d been climbing beforehand so I had… an […]

  • Speechless in Seattle

    I made a few discoveries today. For example, I discovered that if I try to drink a pint glass full of Trader Joe’s gin and Fever Tree tonic water, it doesn’t matter how much tonic you put in, the gin will prevail. Or perhaps there shouldn’t have been an inch worth of gin in the […]

  • Drinking class

    I got up early this morning and put myself through 25 minutes of core exercises before everyone else woke up. I sweated so much that even if my arms hadn’t been limp noodles by the halfway point, I still wouldn’t have been able to complete the sets properly. Still, something is better than nothing, and […]

  • A good night

    To draw a close to this week, and to celebrate not having to take any high strength painkillers for two whole days, we went out to dinner with friends at FOC, a tapas bar near 28 Hong Kong Street, the prosaically named but very good cocktail bar at, well, 28 Hong Kong Street. I allowed […]

  • A few drinks after work

    To celebrate completing two years at work, my team went out this evening and we ate Mexican food and drank copious amounts of red wine.  I speechified, I was garrulous, and then I got the train home and staggered in to the house, flopping my head down and trying to think how to explain what […]

  • A hard start or a hard finish

    Last night I was at Coq & Balls, a classy Australian bar in Tiong Bahru. In a good example of being hoist upon your own petard, I’d been out at a work do and told my wife I’d be home by 9, and then been persuaded to go for a drink after the meal and […]

  • Cheese and wine

    This evening I had a training session at the climbing wall and when I was done, I met my wife at a cheese and wine event in the same building. Well, it was ostensibly a cheese and wine event; I was drinking gin and ginger beer (and alcoholic ginger beer) and eating pizza. I suppose […]

  • Leaving Drinks At The Projector

    t was a friend’s leaving drinks tonight at the bar at the Projector, a hipster cinema in the Golden Mile Tower, so I went to see him after I’d read the girls their stories. Except I went to the Golden Mile Complex (my first visit in five-and-a-half years), which is next to the Golden Mile […]

  • After effects

    I was fairly hungover today. It came in waves, repeatedly knocking me around, rather than a single monolith of misery. I took the kids to the café, fed them babycinnos, tried to avoid vomitting on them. I went to the climbing wall for an hour and belched foul clouds into my own face as I […]

  • Quiet night in

    I was a ruin today, sleeping in until 9, then still exhausted and needing to nap in the afternoon. But come nightfall, when the kids were asleep and friends came round to visit, and we cracked open two different bottles of gin (Sipsmith sloe gin and Margaret River botanical) I finally felt alive again. We […]