Cheese and wine

This evening I had a training session at the climbing wall and when I was done, I met my wife at a cheese and wine event in the same building. Well, it was ostensibly a cheese and wine event; I was drinking gin and ginger beer (and alcoholic ginger beer) and eating pizza. I suppose pizza counts as cheese.
This was great, because apart from anything else, a hard session climbing meant I had weak arms (and hands like damp spaghetti) so skipping looking after the kids and getting boozed up was a much better alternative.

There was a band playing at cheese and wine night. They did acoustic covers of recent pop music, so I avoided telling my requests for "Freebird" and kept my mouth shut. My wife kept yelling for more and more recondite pop hits, with greater or lesser success (they knew Ed Sheeran, they didn’t know any Imagine Dragons).

After two hours of drinking free samples of white wine and eating ice cream sandwiches, we went home, narrowly missing our children’s bedtimes. Babysitters are wonderful.

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