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  • Cheese and wine

    This evening I had a training session at the climbing wall and when I was done, I met my wife at a cheese and wine event in the same building. Well, it was ostensibly a cheese and wine event; I was drinking gin and ginger beer (and alcoholic ginger beer) and eating pizza. I suppose […]

  • It’s a cracker

    At our office Christmas lunch today, one of my co-workers asked me what a Christmas cracker was. I was surprised that she didn’t know, but then more surprised at myself for assuming that everyone would know what a Christmas cracker is, especially as my co-worker is Indian and if Christmas crackers were a Victorian invention, […]

  • Sharkys, Bagan

    Last night I looked online for somewhere to go out for dinner in Bagan. There was nothing apart from a recommendation to smoke shisha at a backpacker hostel, or a KTV joint 45 minutes’drive away. Thanks, internet. We walked down the main street, and went past the umbrella factory, past a few dimly lit restaurants […]

  • Dreading Dread Zeppelin and other Saturday morning nonsense

    I slept in today, trying to rest my neck as much as possible, and when at last my wife could no longer deal with the high volume yelling of the children, I hauled myself out of bed, took a painkiller and we went out to our closest café for extra breakfast. Or rather, breakfast for […]

  • Quiet night in

    I was a ruin today, sleeping in until 9, then still exhausted and needing to nap in the afternoon. But come nightfall, when the kids were asleep and friends came round to visit, and we cracked open two different bottles of gin (Sipsmith sloe gin and Margaret River botanical) I finally felt alive again. We […]

  • Chocolates, cheese and jumpy castles

    Early one morning, while making the rounds, I took a shot of cocaine and I – hang on, I’m not Johnny Cash, which is a relief. Instead, I put on my running shoes and did a two mile run around Margaret River. I got a bit lost and went to the top of a hill, […]

  • Other things happen

    I volunteered at the East Coast parkrun today, which I rode to on my bike. The journey there was annoying; as usual there’s a lot of roadies out there, who’ll happily sit on your tail but won’t take turns in the draft, and then zoom off at unpredictable moments just when you want them to […]

  • Floundering

    Last night we went over to friends to drink booze and eat cheese, and play games. I haven’t had a drink since i got back from California in February (being abstemious as I train for the marathon) but I had one bottle of beer and that was enough to send me a bit sideways – […]

  • A sound like distant chunder

    This evening, as I was settling down to sleep, vaguely guiltstricken at another day without running, we heard a child coughing. For a moment, my wife and I argued about which child was coughing, until the howl of despair made it clear that La Serpiente was awake. And vomiting. 

  • The Day After The Night Before

    I had an …. eventful night. My wife laughed at every remonstration and refused to get off the living room floor. Eventually I gave up, propped her up with a pillow, left her Destroyer’s water bottle to sip from, and wen track to bed. And after five minutes La Serpiente woke and came in to […]