Last night we went over to friends to drink booze and eat cheese, and play games. I haven’t had a drink since i got back from California in February (being abstemious as I train for the marathon) but I had one bottle of beer and that was enough to send me a bit sideways – who would have thought not drinking would reduce your tolerance to alcohol?

La Serpiente wasn’t at all cooperative when it came to sleep though, demanding extra cuddles, random toys, changes to the lighting level of her bedroom, etc etc, as infinitum, worlds without end. Her sister just lay down and went straight to sleep, but La Serpiente was going for something of a record: maybe 90 minutes of fighting against the dying of the light. 

If there were any justice, that would delay her wake up, but she rose at 7 as usual and demanded everyone else did too. My one beer hangover (plus half a glass of champagne) meant I still ignored her and surfaced at 8, feeling gruesome. Through some self destructive parental urge, we took the kids to the play gym rather than retreat to bed, enduring several more hours of exuberance. At least I had some catharsis, getting to throw La Serpiente into the ball pool at regular intervals. Destroyer was grumpy throughout, shaking her head and saying ‘no’ to most suggestions, until I gave her my lunch to eat. Great. The only thing that placates my youngest is watching her father go hungry. 

Still, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. In the late afternoon I took La Serpiente to her swimming class, and I was really impressed. In the last week she’s graduated from having a parent in the pool to being in by herself, and she was a good strong swimmer, as long as she was propped up by one of those huge foam pool noodles. So much so that she could swim to the end of the pool faster than any of her classmates. (There are only 3 kids in her class though.)

There’s still gaps in her technique, so I may not have a future Olympian in the family, but she’s really confident at this, which is nice to see. If only my swimming lessons hadn’t been in a freezing cold lake of chlorine and infantile urine, who knows how I’d have turned out?

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