A sound like distant chunder

This evening, as I was settling down to sleep, vaguely guiltstricken at another day without running, we heard a child coughing. For a moment, my wife and I argued about which child was coughing, until the howl of despair made it clear that La Serpiente was awake. And vomiting. 

We rushed next door. There was a foul cheesy stench. Dinner (faux hot dogs, pasta and grated cheddar) lay in half-digested puddles across her bed, her corporate logo decorated blanket, and the floor. Handy feedback for new parents selecting meals for their progeny: cheddar is easier to get out of clothes than mozzarella, at least after both of them have gone part way through a juvenile digestive system. 

We wiped her down, cleaned the room, threw everything in the washing machine. Now I felt like a boss for managing to empty the washing machine this evening before bed. You don’t want to be wrestling a load of clean, damp laundry out of the washing machine at the same time as trying to stuff a new lot of vomit encrusted bedgear in. (Could tonight be nothing but advice for new parents?)

I also made a quick time check. First egress of dinner was at 22:20, and on past experience, La Serpiente adheres to a strict 15 minute routine until all offending food is purged from the system. As it’s now 20 minutes past then, we’re in that quasi safe twilight zone where she might be over and done with, dinner safely expunged, or her guts are lulling us into a false sense of security before Episode 2. 

I’ll know soon enough. You don’t need to hear the gory details of what will come next. 

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  1. I’d love to know what meat was actually in the “faux hot dog” .. 🙂 Reported recently that a Canadian investigation into Subway meat discovered that only 50% of its chicken had the the DNA of chicken. I don’t eat meat anymore.

    • Textured vegetable protein of some sort. La Serpiente doesn’t eat meat apart from fish. Although I suppose with most hot dogs, you don’t risk eating meat.

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