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  • A sound like distant chunder

    This evening, as I was settling down to sleep, vaguely guiltstricken at another day without running, we heard a child coughing. For a moment, my wife and I argued about which child was coughing, until the howl of despair made it clear that La Serpiente was awake. And vomiting. 

  • Minor chores

    I got back from my morning run today just in time to miss Destroyer throw up her breakfast, which was a nice way to cool down. She was inconsolable until we put her in the bath, at which point she reverted to her normal merry burbling. I took her sister to school, hoping there wouldn’t […]

  • Unexpected driving criticism

    Ten miles outside of Bellingham, La Serpiente vomited everywhere.

  • Backhoe Joe

    Somewhat gratifyingly, La Serpiente wept bitterly last night at bedtime, wishing both her parents were there to put her to bed, rather than one of them gallivanting around a running track. When she was clingy tonight and refused to get off the toilet and into the bath for ten minutes, we assumed that was the […]

  • Early Birthday Party

    “It’s a machine” La Serpiente cooed, as she unwrapped her first birthday present this morning. (As she’s going to have her birthday in Canada, we thought we’d spread the gift giving out over this week – and all the way through until we get to England.) I’d wrapped up an instant camera I was given […]

  • Upchuck again

    This evening I went for a short run after we’d got the kids to eat and after I’d eaten half a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, one of the last vestiges of Christmas chocolate left in the fridge. It is not a good idea to try to go running just after you’ve eaten half a Terry’s Chocolate […]

  • Scrubbed

    After La Serpiente avoided chundering yesterday, I thought we’d had a lucky escape, until a phone call from my wife at 11:30 this morning pulled me back from the office to come home and look after Destroyer, who was on a strict schedule of vomiting every ten minutes. I already felt dreadful from this morning’s […]

  • Exonerated

    Yesterday I bought a big box of sham chicken nuggets while my wife and La Serpiente Aquatica Negra were at music class. (Come to think of it, why haven’t I given my wife a nickname yet to provide her with some anonymity? Perhaps because I’d risk divorce if I was referring regularly to the Halifax […]

  • What I learned this week

    My phone is trying to tell me something. Or get me into trouble. Look at what happens if I try to tell my wife that I’m having a shitstorm at work: I’m not sure if this means my phone is making racist generalisations, or trying to provoke rage in my wife at apparent confessions of […]

  • Early morning runs and late nights

    This morning I went for a run. I haven’t had any exercise (apart from lifting my child) for the last ten days, so I didn’t think I’d be doing too much. I also haven’t been having much sleep, so choosing to start our run at 6am also wasn’t the happiest thing I’ve ever done. My […]