Drinking class

I got up early this morning and put myself through 25 minutes of core exercises before everyone else woke up. I sweated so much that even if my arms hadn’t been limp noodles by the halfway point, I still wouldn’t have been able to complete the sets properly. Still, something is better than nothing, and in my quest to get stronger and better at climbing, extra work seems to be needed.
That was a fairly tough start to the day. I walked the girls to school, then rode to work and had a slightly frustrating morning when I couldn’t get some code to run properly. This afternoon, though,I had a cooking class so that was a nice break.

Previous cooking classes I’ve attended have been fairly serious affairs with a few lame attempts at motivational team building, whereas this one had free flowing wine and spirits and loud music.

Our task was to prep some soft shell crabs, which consists of tearing the tail off them and then scooping out the gills or whatever the disgusting frilly stuff inside the oh-my-god it was revolting. I just wanted to vomit into a bucket, but instead I drank wine and whisked eggs. That I could do (I learned today that you should whisk eggs back and forth or in a figure 8, but not in a circle) and the wine helped my revulsion at the crab. What’s the point in shucking crab when you’re not even going to eat it?

We whisked the eggs for a pandan cake; then we made a marinade for some satay skewers, and I drank more wine. It starts to get a bit blurry at this point, but at about 7pm I was stumbling home, having eaten cake with liquid-nitrogen cooled Milo ice cream, and probably drunk too much wine

Still, it is the weekend tomorrow.

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  1. The picture is surprisingly impressive to find after scrolling down from the words above it. Very nice! I haven’t had pandan cake for ages.

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