After effects

I was fairly hungover today. It came in waves, repeatedly knocking me around, rather than a single monolith of misery. I took the kids to the café, fed them babycinnos, tried to avoid vomitting on them.

I went to the climbing wall for an hour and belched foul clouds into my own face as I clung to the wall, every new hold inspiring another headache or a heart palpitation.

I went and bought cheese and … well, that was alright. Standing in a climate controlled room filled with dairy artefacts is not a stressful activity.

I didn’t feel better all day. The first green shoot, the first day of sunshine, the first gap in the horror was when I cracked open a beer at 8:30 (I spent time from 8 to 8:30 getting both girls to agree to sleep) and then a tide of gin, beer and cheese got me back to somewhere close to normal.

Desperate to sleep, though. A single game of Cards Against Humanity, then we kicked our guests out, went to bed. Life is too exciting for any more than that.


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