A good night

To draw a close to this week, and to celebrate not having to take any high strength painkillers for two whole days, we went out to dinner with friends at FOC, a tapas bar near 28 Hong Kong Street, the prosaically named but very good cocktail bar at, well, 28 Hong Kong Street.

I allowed myself one drink – it was a cocktail containing beetroot, carrot and ginger so it was almost a revitalising health shake, I rationalised – before we went to FOC for dinner.

The tapas was among the best I’ve had in Singapore, but then I’ve only had tapas three times. Really good spicy patatas bravas, wonderful salty peppers, and frankly ridiculous desserts. The crema catalana I wasn’t mad about, but the chocolate galaxy (a chocolate sphere with a comet flying into it, shortly afterwards destroyed by the server pouring hot chocolate into the planet’s heart) was tremendous and silly all at the same time.

We stayed there talking until well past last orders (early for Spain, late for Singapore) then got a taxi home, where I had my first online game of Blood Bowl against a human opponent. He killed one of my players and injured four more, and in return I injured one of his players and lost 2-0. I had two heartbreaking moments where I almost scored a touchdown – with slightly faster giant ratmen, I could almost have forced a draw. Better luck next time, eh?


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