Last night out in Bangkok?

After a long and productive offsite in Bangkok, we went to a restaurant ten minutes’ walk from the office. Well, half of us did; the rest tried taking a taxi, which meant they arrived an hour later. Such are the joys of traffic in the City of Angels.
I drank Chilean Cab Sav and ate green curry with rice, and a pomelo salad that was delicious. I say that with some surprise, because I’ve never enjoyed eating a pomelo salad in my life before. So that was a notable discovery.

After dinner, some of us headed to our hotels. That was because they don’t drink, or they’re pregnant. Neither of which affect me, so I could have a wild night in Bangkok. But I’m too old for that now (I was too old at least five years ago) so instead we had a few glasses of wine at a rooftop bar, and then I went back to my hotel room to sleep.

Hardly the most wild night I’ve ever had in Bangkok, but now I have the wisdom of experience I know I don’t need to go wild all the time. Like a wise old fox, I can watch the madness from afar, be entertained, and then still choose to go and gorge myself on minibar Pringles instead.

Hmm. Not such a thrilling way to end the night after all…

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