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  • Last night out in Bangkok?

    After a long and productive offsite in Bangkok, we went to a restaurant ten minutes’ walk from the office. Well, half of us did; the rest tried taking a taxi, which meant they arrived an hour later. Such are the joys of traffic in the City of Angels.

  • Another trip to Bangkok

    After work today I took a car over to the airport and caught a flight to Bangkok. The corporate travel agent had messed up, as they are wont to do so, and failed to spec a vegetarian meal for me, but I had almost two hours to kill so I did a long, slow lap […]

  • And out again

    It’s Thursday, so here’s my usual thousand yard stare, except today it’s not from an hour of swimming, it’s from the stress of trying to make it through security and immigration at Suvarnabhumi and get to my gate in less than 45 minutes.

  • Aimless in Asok

    I have a disgusting, hacking cough at the moment, the kind that sounds disgusting and has worse consequences when I cough up something from my lungs. At least the revolting brown muck that emerged this morning has been replaced by pale, almost clear muck this evening – I guess I must be getting better.

  • Bangkok Memories

    Bangkok Memories

    Every trip to Bangkok is the same. The train to and from Phaya Thai, the same hotel at Asoke (this was my fifth stay and so they presented me with a gift, a self-adhesive credit card holder to put on the back of my phone). The same gloomy, low ceilinged office in Central World where […]

  • Another trip to Bangkok

    I woke today, still sore from yesterday’s collision with the ground, and then went back to sleep again, only hauling myself out of bed in time to rush to get a car to the airport, and then bumble through security and reacquaint myself with exactly how horrible Starbuck’s attempt at a nitro cold brew can […]

  • Another short trip to Bangkok

    I spent all day in an office in Bangkok, sat on a folding chair, talking about, or looking at, databases, then took a train to the airport express, got on another train (that wasn’t that much of an express as people would get on and get off at every station on the way from Bangkok […]

  • Bangkok before Christmas

    Today I was in Bangkok for work; I got the first flight out of Singapore, which meant I had to get up at 5am to get a taxi to the airport, which meant I woke up at 4 and then couldn’t sleep for fear of sleeping through my alarm clock. December is the nicest month […]

  • The W, Bangkok

    I got back from a day at the office at about 930 this evening, and instead of going to bed hung around the lobby of the hotel far too long, vacillating over which particular elephant toys to buy for my daughters. There’s a bit too much choice: small elephants to go on keyrings, large gold […]

  • Avoiding responsibilities

    I had forgotten that La Serpiente’s school was closed for the half term break, so when I prised myself off her floor at 7:45 I immediately panicked about needing to get washed, dressed and fed before sprinting out the door with her at 8:15. My wife saw me rush around in scatter-brained, eyes-wide-shut mode for […]