The W, Bangkok

I got back from a day at the office at about 930 this evening, and instead of going to bed hung around the lobby of the hotel far too long, vacillating over which particular elephant toys to buy for my daughters. There’s a bit too much choice: small elephants to go on keyrings, large gold elephants, or glossy black ones, or sequin encrusted ones. Then there’s the teddy bears dressed up in boxer’s robes like they’re warming up for a championship bout, and of course the glorious enormous boxing glove cushions. Eventually I saw sense, gave up and went to my room to have a bath.

The rooms at the W are a little ridiculous. For example, the shower is enclosed in a glass box that gives you an uninterrupted view of the toilet, as if that was the nicest part of the apartment. (Years ago, I stayed in the Ambience in Taipei, and that had a floor to ceiling glass partition where you could stare into the bedroom from the shower, or vice versa. It’s difficult to find a toilet that looks nicer than a bed.)

The bath at the W is nice and deep and fills quickly, although it’s a bit short. It has no other questionable features, whereas the bed is unfeasibly big. I can roll over twice and still not fall out of bed. I suppose that’s just ostentatious, rather than a flaw. It’s not like my early morning routine is to try to concuss myself on the floor after rolling back and forth. 

The rest of the room is a bit too much gold (although I’ll never complain about a hotel with a Twix in the mini bar) but the nadir, or zenith, of the W is the lobby. It’s an incredibly loud room (by which I mean they really over-indexed on the purple when they decorated), there’s a DJ spinning some pumpin’ fat choons, and … there’s absolutely nobody there. Well, there’s a bored couple checking their email on a computer and a stressed looking executive who bumped into me at the Skytrain and looked at me like I was a bearded wanker, but that’s it. It’s like a ghost ship of a club, a Flying Dutchman of warehouse raves, a metaphor pushed slightly too hard. 

But there is a Twix in the mini bar. I should really get some sleep. 


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  1. Cleverly it looks like you didn’t take this photo yourself. And, from the puff of the duvet, maybe there’s someone else underneath? Have a shave though, seriously Mr Crusoe.

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