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  • Running for the toilet

    Tonight I jogged down to the National Stadium to run on the track for half an hour. I did the same last week and that time I went a bit too easy on myself. To be fair, you don’t want to be going all-out the week after a marathon, but given I could run that […]

  • The W, Bangkok

    I got back from a day at the office at about 930 this evening, and instead of going to bed hung around the lobby of the hotel far too long, vacillating over which particular elephant toys to buy for my daughters. There’s a bit too much choice: small elephants to go on keyrings, large gold […]

  • Brown Letter Day

    Today was a momentous occasion, because it marked the first day that La Serpiente managed to use her miniature toilet to achieve something solid.

  • More toilet conundrums

    In the toilet on the ground floor of the office building where I work, there’s this sign. It’s worrying that such a sign is necessary; do people really need to be told not to stick paper towels into urinals? And what sort of education provides somebody with the literacy to read this sign, but fails […]

  • Going down the toilet once again

    After the first twelve hours or so in the air, a certain sense of unreality descends on you. It begins to feel as though you’re forever traveling around Narita, leaving the plane for security checks, reboarding, eating the same meals you had a week ago, ad infinitum. Things begin to smear together into a mess. […]

  • Down in the depths of Downe

    This afternoon we drove out to Down House, where Charles Darwin used to live. Down House is in Downe, a small village in Kent that sometimes includes an ‘E’ in its name, and sometimes does not. There doesn’t seem to be any particular pattern to this: it’s not like it always had an E at […]

  • Birthdays

    For lunch today I went to Renn Thai in Clark Quay, to celebrate a co-worker’s thirtieth birthday. Conversation moved to discussing how she’d spent her twentieth birthday, and I almost blurted out that I’d spent mine in Oxford, wearing a not-particularly flattering blue dress at a party on Cowley Road. I’m glad I didn’t say […]

  • Neck deep

    I know it’s a cliche that parents will show off the quite prosaic developments of their progeny as signs of something wondrous. ("Look! Our child conforms to all the norms of development for a two month old! How unique and amazing we are as parents!") I know that babies are high volume processors of food. […]

  • And this is why we can’t have nice things

    When I’m at the office, I spend a lot of time in the toilet. This isn’t a confession of some kind of digestive disaster; it’s just that because of the overzealous air conditioning, it’s often the only warm space in the entire building. I’m sure it’s not that healthy to sit in a warm, humid […]