Brown Letter Day

Today was a momentous occasion, because it marked the first day that La Serpiente managed to use her miniature toilet to achieve something solid.

Since Hari Raya, when she was given the bright red and yellow plastic toilet (toilet-ette?) she’s started to have some idea about how to use it, but with Destroyer arriving we didn’t lay much emphasis on toilet training, our assumption being that the second kid might force the first one to regress to gain attention, and we didn’t really fancy a week of puddles of urine all over the flat just so we could go through the same thing a few months later just because we could.

But from time to time, La Serpiente has realised she’s got stuff to expel, and has got good enough at telling us she needs to, and then actually going to the bathroom herself and figuring out how to get her shorts and nappy off to use the toilet. But today was the first time she’d gone beyond liquids.

Aren’t you glad I didn’t post a photo today? I begin to understand why this was a more difficult stepping stone, because what she produced was something of a boulder. I’m not going to labour the point more than she did, but what came out of her was about a tenth of her height, and if I had to dump something that was eighteen centimetres long I’d be pretty scared of the bathroom.

Just saying.

Now, friends of ours did give us some postcards that we’re meant to place next to the child and take a photo to record major events, like first tooth or first time rolling over. The one for first poop in the toilet seems to have gone missing though. I’m sure it’ll turn up at some point…

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