Another trip to Bangkok

I woke today, still sore from yesterday’s collision with the ground, and then went back to sleep again, only hauling myself out of bed in time to rush to get a car to the airport, and then bumble through security and reacquaint myself with exactly how horrible Starbuck’s attempt at a nitro cold brew can be. Oh, the plight of the international traveler.

Today I flew with JetStar, which was kind of terrifying when the plane came in to land at Suvarnabhumi airport. I’m not sure what it is about budget carriers, but it always feels like this landing might be my last. Still, I was off the plane in moments, and sprinting through the concourse to find … an enormous crowd at Immigration, almost falling back into the main thoroughfare of the airport. To Bangkok’s credit, they processed the several hundred people in front of me super quickly, and I was soon on a train heading to the city.

JetStar serve no food at all in the sky, and I’d forgotten to pack anything, so I picked up the world’s least fun-size Mars bar at a 7-11 so I wouldn’t faint on the way to the office, then spent three hours battling fatigue via caffeine. When you’re tired enough that you go cross-eyed, it’s a sign you should down tools and go home. I had no home to go to, so I rendezvoused with a colleague from the Bangkok office and got him to take me out to dinner at a vegetarian restaurant, where I ate fake meat until I was full, then went back to my hotel room to photograph the carpet and catch up on work until midnight, before lapsing into an exhausted coma. Onwards, the morning. Ever onwards.

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